I mend clothing and other textiles, paying special attention to comfort, drape, and fit. Please contact me for a mending estimate at HeidiParkesArt@gmail.com, subject heading, "Mending Estimate."

Pricing Scale:

  • Simple mends like a split seam start at $20.

  • Average mends like a thinning knee, crotch, or elbow start at $40

  • Complex mends can require many hours or even days of work, and can cost $100-$400+

  • All mending requests are considered. Nothing is too far-gone! No job too big or small.

  • *All shipping expenses are the responsibility of the customer.

Email Details:

  • Send a clear photo of the item.

  • Include your hand or a quarter in the photo for scale.

  • Share your city, state, country.

  • If a specific finish date is desired, please share that now.

  • Please share any limitations or preferences. Examples might be:

    • The most effective mend for a tight budget $

    • The best mend possible $$

    • Do something really special $$$

    • Mend as invisibly as possible

    • Create a visible mend at the artists discretion

    • Create a visible mend with a favorite color, a specific fabric, yarn, or any other personal wish