I mend clothing and other textiles, paying special attention to comfort, drape, and fit.  Please contact me for a mending estimate at, subject heading, "Mending Estimate."

*See pricing and order details below

Pricing Scale:

  • Simple mends like a split seam start at $20.
  • Average mends like a thinning knee, crotch, or elbow start at $40
  • Complex mends can require many hours or even days of work, and can cost $100-$400+  (These mends will be fully functional, but may be desired as art to be framed for display.  Heirloom items like scarves, children’s clothes, and family table linens and quilts may be of particular interest.)
  • All mending requests are considered.  Nothing is too far-gone!  Any garment type or fabric, other textiles such as a handbag, quilt, or cushion are also possible.
  • *All shipping expenses are the responsibility of the customer, please include paid return shipping with the garment.
  • *Payment is accepted with a 'square invoice' and credit card, or can be sent as a check with the garment itself.

Email Details:

  • Be sure the photo of the area in need of mending is clear.
  • Include your hand or a quarter in the photo for scale.
  • Share your city, state, country.
  • If a specific finish date is desired, please share that now.
  • Please share any limitations or preferences. Examples might be:
    • The most effective mend for a tight budget $
    • The best mend possible $$
    • Do something really special $$$
    • Mend as invisibly as possible
    • Create a visible mend at the artists discretion
    • Create a visible mend with a favorite color, a specific fabric or yarn, or any other personal wish